Five ways that too little sleep can mess with your face.

Five great habits to add to your bedtime routine
July 30, 2016

Five ways that too little sleep can mess with your face.

There are many elements that could affect a good night’s sleep, and every lady needs their beauty sleep. The perfect snooze should be between 7 to 9 hours and many people just aren’t getting it. The interesting part is that a lack of sleep not only affects your health, immune system and mood; it can also mess with your face, which we know will not be a fresh look.


Here are five ways that sleep deprivation can affect your skin and face.


  1.  You deprive your brain, body and skin of nourishment

Sleep is food for your brain, which is essential for your body to cleanse whilst you sleep. Your brain purifies more than 60 percent more toxins when you get a proper night’s rest and helps you feel revitalised, relaxed and refreshed through a morning radiant glow.


“During a good night’s rest, your body works to remove dead blood cells and dead brain cells, and clears the pathways for new synapses to take place so that new blood and brain cells can replace old ones,”

Sleep expert Rebecca S. Robbins, M.D., Ph.D., researcher at Cornell University



  1. Your skin can become dehydrated leading to redness and breakouts.

A lack of sleep decreases the moisture levels in your skin, lowering your complexions PH levels and leaving your skin looking less youthful. Moisture imbalance leads to dryness which leads to unnecessary redness which leads to an uneven skin and even trigger breakouts.


  1. Eye-bags

Lying on your stomach can have a major impact underneath your eyes throughout the night, causing puffiness that will never be a good look. Eye masks can help prevent this by propping your head up slightly to avoid fluid building up under your eyes.

Beauty Pillow Tip: If you ever find yourself with eye bags, soak two green tea bags and rest them under your eyes for five minutes to reduce puffiness.


  1. Lack of sleep due to stress

Your skin displays your internal emotions more than you’d like to think. Therefore, lack of sleep due to stress can wreak havoc on your face, leaving you with dry, flaky skin, a dull complexion and breakouts. If you are suffering from a particularly stressful day and it is affecting your sleep, try exercising a few hours before bed. Working out releases endorphins that help relieve stress and will set you up for a good night’s rest.

Beauty Pillow Tip: If you just don’t have time to exercise, taking deep and slow breaths while taking your makeup off or applying aromatherapy oils to your temples may help you power down and reduce stress.


5.Not enough sleep accelerates the ageing process.

During deep sleep, the rise in growth hormones allows damaged cells to become repaired. Without the deeper phases of sleep, this won’t occur, allowing daily small breakdowns to accumulate instead of being reversed overnight. This results in more noticeable signs of aging.



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